April 9, 2010

Pakistan - In my view

I am a 17 year boy, I am really curious about the future of my country after 10 years. As I can see law is very easy to break, Money is power and Power is everything. This is very alarming and disturbing to me.

As I can see, Constitution of Pakistan is not complete and it's easily to break and can be mis-used by the people in power. Now when the basic utilities are the major problems that are; 1. Electricity, 2. Water, 3. Gas, 4. Sugar, 5.Flour etc. Cannot be solved, How will we face the latest problems of time that will be ; 1. Drugs, 2. Drinking, 3. Cyber Crimes, 4. Piracy, etc.

One major fact about our country is our location, Pakistan have the most golden location on globe. But unfortunately, Due to mis-conduct now our location has become the biggest problem for Pakistan. We share wide borders with Afghanistan and India.

For the past few centuries, Afghanistan is surfing from war, That's not only the problem, Afghanistan is the major source of drugs all over the world. Some people miss guided by America are used to break Russia are present in Afghanistan. Now when America has archived it's targets, America wants to kill those people. For that sake America and Allied forces attacked Afghanistan, But Pakistan have to pay for this war.

If the war ended in Afghanistan, All the drugs, weapons and other things will be directly ejected into Pakistan.

We don't have good relations with India since the first day of Pakistan. As India is always considered as Pakistan opponent in every field weather it is cricket or any other issue. India is a continues threat to Pakistan. But be Positive, always take an initiative in promoting brotherhood and uprooting enmity.

If the initial problems are not fully solved in next three to five years, Then it will be a nearly impossible to control modern crimes. We need a special department; this department should work to predict the upcoming problems and suggest the perfect solution to that upcoming problems.

This can be only possible if we get rid of our current problems as soon as possible, And plan our future carefully. If we succeeds to plan our next 5-6 years only then we have a bright future to emerge as a glories nation. No doubt that we are a part of a glorious nation, But now our glory is in doubt.

Pakistan's well wisher,
Cj Haris Ajmal Rana

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