May 23, 2011

Copy or Save Text and Images from Right Clicking Disabled Websites

Webmasters protect their contents in the shape of both text and images by disabling right click on their websites. Once they disable right clicking ability on their websites, you can’t right click on their web pages or in other words, making a right click won’t pop up any options. This is really annoying when you want to save an image or copy some definitions for your project or something. In this case, you can follow a simple trick to bypass these right click disable limitations and copy both text and images from that web page. Earlier I posted a simple trick to bypass no right click problems, but this trick is more simpler.

  1. Open the page you want to copy text or save image from
  2. Once the page is loaded, press CTRL + U on your keyboard
  3. This shortcut will open the web page source code
  4. Find the text you want to save and copy it from there
  5. Find the image link from the source code and open that link in a new window, this time you will be able to save the image
  6. You are done.

Source code of a web page means all the codes and informations that makes a web page. In this way you can navigate to any site or any web page’s source code and easily copy or save text and images from it.

Websites use javascripts to block the right clicks on their websites. This javascript acts with our browser. So, if we can set our browsers to avoid running those scripts, we will be able to copy texts and save images. Now lets learn how to disable javascripts and enable right click.
Firefox users :
  • Go to Tools –> Options
  • Click on Content tab
  • Uncheck the box saying Enable javascript
  • Restart Firefox and you are done.
Internet Explorer Users :
  • Go to Tools –> Internet Options
  • Click on Security Tab –> Custom Level
  • Scroll to Scripting
  • Disable it.
  • Restart IE and you are done.
Once you are done with your job, enable javascript option on your browser again. From now on, you don’t need to get worried when you find a web page that does not allow you to copy text or save images from it. The above mentioned tricks will take care of that and you will be able to copy texts and save images.


  1. Really amazing and useful tricks thanks yaar

    1. Artists and photographers create images to survive. Thieves who steal their creations are lower than dirt.

    2. No fails to survive because someone uses a few of their photos, be real.

  2. was looking for this thing for my blog, some douche copy/paste my content... thanks to you, no more tension, God Bless!

  3. v good safe lot of time thank u :)

  4. Thanks very much; I bought a few items on an auction and the seller already deleted the photos from their hard drive and couldn't mail to me. I was able to capture from the website.. Very useful!