July 25, 2010

Play CounterStrike 1.6 Online via garena.com [TIPS & TRICKS]

1.First go to GARENA , register there, (its free) download client , open client user password.
2. Now from garena.exe go to CS on the left side button .
3. Click International->go to Pakistan room
4. now click Start button on right bottom . Before that it will ask for the .exe file,  show it to the path like
c:\Program file\Counter strike 1.6\cstrike.exe
5. Now click on Start game.
6. When CS will start then press
` this button over tab button.

7. Another screen will come now type slist.
8. All computer IP will come copy any of the IP.
9. Type "connect (IP address)" without quotes . Press ENTER.
10. The Game will then start !


Cj Haris Ajmal Rana

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