June 20, 2010

Make an Undeletable folder [FUN TRICK]

Steps To Make This Folder

1. Go to cmd.
2. Change to the directory that you want.
3. Assume I change to D:
4. So,in Command Prompt,type D: and [enter].
5. Type in this command "md \lpt1\\" without quotes and press enter.
6. The folder will now in your D:
7. Go and try and delete or rename it,you cannot do anything to it. There are still many names that you can use to name the folder: -lpt1 until lpt9 -CON -AUX

instead of lpt1 u can also use name "con" it will behave in same manner

To delete it:

1. Go to Command Prompt again.
2. Navigate to the directory.
3. Type in rd \lpt1\\ or con if u have created con :)..

one more thing u can play with ask your frnd to create folder with name CON.. definitly he would failed to create.. then u can ask him to move from in front of screen as if u dont wanna show him/her how u gonna create this.. and do in the manner i posted in the beginnning.. :)

Cj Haris Ajmal Rana

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